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Honda Goldwing 1.8 - 2009

Honda Goldwing 1.8 - 2009

Overall Rating
The chassis is completely new, too. The twin-spar frame is 2kg lighter and for the first time in Honda’s history features a double-wishbone front suspension unit. The front is controlled by a single shock, rather than conventional forks. There’s a conventional Showa single shock on the rear, both are controlled electronically but are not semi-active. Through the bends the new Honda shone and showed how poor the old bike was by modern standards. The new six-piston linked brakes are eye-poppingly strong. Considering they’re stopping 378kg, they’re really impressive, the big Wing remains stable and the ABS isn’t too intrusive. Some might not like the linked brakes are very effective on the big Wing. Once away from the motorway the difference between the modes are more noticeable. There’s less sag and wallowing in the Sports mode. Even in the soft Touring mode the handling is impressive and far superior to the old model. The big Wing has lost a huge amount of weight and is now a bike again. The old bike was a comfortable method of getting from A to B, but now it’s actually a fun bike, which can be used and enjoyed.


23 December 2022



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